The Anderson Rifle is the World's Only NO LUBE Rifle. Using nano-technology, our RF85 treatment is permanent. It is IN the metal. The Anderson AR-15 fires with 85% less friction, 23% faster action, never needs oiling and cleans up with soap and water. Do you have questions? Email us:

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You can order Genuine Anderson AR-15 Parts & Accessories to build your own AR-15. Be advised some Anderson AR-15 parts are NOT RF85 treated.

Oak Ridge Labs Proven

Oak Ridge National Laboratory gave birth to the atomic bomb. They know weapons. They’ve proven the Anderson AR-15 never needs oiling.

Can Your Rifle Do This?

Check out our Reviews & Tests. It is amazing just how many have proven that the Anderson AR-15 is the World’s Only NO LUBE Rifle!

Read what experts say about the Anderson AR-15:
  • I shoot Anderson because it is a superior mil-spec product. Accurate rounds down the barrel without failure prove it.  –Mike Miller, World Gold Medalist & Tactical Trainer

  • RF85 means no solvents, and never needs oiling. It’s an absolute pleasure to handle, operate, maintain, and shoot.–Stan Pate, World Gold Medalist & National Record Holder

  • One thing I have learned, is that you need an accurate and reliable weapon. That’s why myself and the entire staff of Just Killin’ Time use Anderson Rifles. These rifles will run dry and clean for thousands of rounds.–Max Rowe, Just Killin' Time TV

  • It didn’t miss a beat. Not a drop of oil on this gun. Not one single drop, I swear by my mother’s life that I did not oil this gun in any way or lube it in any way.  And absolutely flawless, perfect performance on the part of this gun.–ZombieTactics, YouTube Reviewer