Racing Technology…Taking Guns to a Whole New Level

RF85-Graph-250x250“I recently read an article in the May 2011 issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, about Anderson Manufacturing. Anderson has been making accessory parts for AR platform rifles for a long time. No new information there really…they have great stuff and everyone knows that….but they have been playing with other technology that just blew me away…

Inventing such a method for racing and making certain parts of the transmission and pistons and such, the racing folks have accomplished something this is just amazing. Less friction means less heat, less wear and tear, less oil usage and an overall longer life cycle for their car parts as well. NOW…take that and make uppers, lowers, barrels, receivers and such….you will get, theoretically, less heat, less wear and tear, less oil usage and a longer life cycle of the rifle too…right???? Not to mention that because this metal is not the top coat, it won’t wear off at all. I know… RIGHT! Can you get any better than that?

Horay for new technology, Horay for firearms, and Horay for Anderson for giving us both.”