“I’m an Army Vet that loves my 2nd amendment rights. After all isn’t that one of the reasons we served our country, to preserve that right and others? I have fallen in love with your company because you not only have a great product, but you also employee vets. That makes you “good to go” in my book. I have never seen one of your rifles in action but I’ve heard a lot of very good things.

I just bought one of your lowers and put it all together today. I can’t wait until I have it ready to fire. I’m not going to put anything on it other than a genuine Anderson part. I love building my own rifles and knowing that I’m using the best around gives me the warm and fuzzy. ūüôā Please keep up the good work and you will always have my support.”

-Mark Boyer

“I purchased lower kit from keepshooting.com and found a lower made by you guys at bulls eye guns and ammo in little rock, outstanding workmanship!!!!! I have built 20+ ar rifles and yours is the tops. I am now hooked on your products. Keep up the good work.”

-Walter Nelms

“About 2 months ago I purchased an AM-15AOR16 rifle from Hinterland Outfitters in Texas, ( I live in NC so I had to look hard to find it) and I must say this rifle , without a doubt, is better than sliced bread.

My dealer when he saw the “No Oil” sign on the rifle said to “bring it back when it locks up and he’ll ship it back for me”. Well, 750 rounds later, 200 of which he fired though the gun, it runs like a clock. We took it apart to clean it and since it wasn’t dirty I just closed it back up. He said “howcome I haven’t heard about these guns?” I told him he must be a moron.

Seriously, you all need to get the word out about your great product.”

-James Wegman

“My Anderson was a gift from my wife. I did not believe for a second their claims and set out to prove it was BS. Well, 2500 rounds later and not yet a a drop of oil. I am an AK fan because of reliability. This gun ROCKS. PERIOD”

-Scott Robertson

“The fit and finish are first rate, and the RF-85 treatment is simply amazing.”

-Mike Carey from StrategicMojo

“Thanks for the awesome attention to detail and quality, yall have truly upped the bar for AR manufacturers, Ooorrahh !!”

-Jason Rice

“Tom, first off it was great to meet all of you face to face. I have never been so impressed by a company or its products before. From top to bottom Anderson has Top Quality People, with no exceptions. You and Bill are who I would want getting my products to market as well. The folks you picked for the commercial were the best I have ever worked with as well. The whole experience was just as easy and fun as could be expected. The rifles withstood far more abuse than any similar rifle could handle. I am a firm believer in RF85 and Anderson.”

-Mike Miller –¬†Tactical Intervention