Anderson Rifles are Easy to Clean

The Anderson Rifle is easy to clean because of our nano-technology RF85 treatment. Conventional AR-15 rifles need lubrication to function. Oil in a rifle’s chamber traps exhaust gas particulates, which combine with oil to form a tarry sludge. This sludge further solidifies under heat and pressure and leads to rapid failure unless the weapon is cleaned frequently.

The Anderson is permanently treated with RF85 so your rifle never needs oiling and cleans up with soap & water. Read more about how RF85 works here.

brittanyBook of the AR-15

Guns and Ammo has a special interest publication they do four to five times per year, highlighting interest in the AR-15. This magazine is only available on newsstands. You’ll see it with the title AR-15 at Barnes & Noble, Kroger, and just about any newsstand. They sell out very quickly.

We thought it a great way to reach AR-15 enthusiasts like you. Brittany did a spot for us for Just Kill’n Time TV. We decided to put a print ad to accompany it in the AR-15 Magazine. Brittany’s ad appeared in the 4th quarter, 2013.