With over 19,000 subscribers, more than 194 videos, and 1.6 million views, the YouTube channel ZombieTactics is very experienced in reviewing firearms. ZombieTactics received the Anderson AR 15 from a third party without Anderson’s knowledge. To make sure the gun was completely cleaned, ZT took the weapon apart and cleaned all the parts with soap and water, scrubbing until there could not possibly be any lubricant on the weapon. Then ZT fired over 1000 rounds of miscellaneous ammo without stopping. It took a little over an hour. The result:

“It didn’t miss a beat. Not a drop of oil on this gun. Not one single drop, I swear by my mother’s life that I did not oil this gun in any way or lube it in any way.  And absolutely flawless, perfect performance on the part of this gun.”

Watch the pre-shoot cleanup, the test firing, and listen to the entire video review from an unsolicited expert.